Yasmin Ingham, Craig Mor Tom & two mono flap saddles

British & European Pony Eventing Champion 2013

Yasmin Ingham

Yas and Tom’s winning Show Jumping Round at the European Championships 2013.

In early 2012 we flew to the Isle of Man to visit Rachel Ranson who wanted a saddle for her stallion, while we were there we did a saddle talk and demo at Kennaa Equestrian Centre, one of our demo riders was young Eventer Yasmin Ingham, who’s Event Pony, Craig Mor Tom went so well in the Elevation Mono Flap that they bought him one.

Yasmin Ingham

The winners podium, Euro pony 2013 where Yas became the European Champion and obtained double gold

Yas and Tom started off the new season in her new saddle and have gone from strength to strength, We also delivered a Comfort Elite, Rapport Dressage Saddle to Yas on the morning she left for Brand Hall for the National Pony Championships, check out our youtube channel for a video of the fit and Yas  was awarded a Sports Aid Sponsorship after her performance in 2012, culminating with being picked for the British Team for the first time to compete at Fontenbleau.

Yas told me in early 2012
“Thank You so much for my new Elevation Jump Saddle, I love it and Tom does too! I went XC Schooling in it today and I felt so much more secure and comfortable in it. The girth is also incredable, it has to be the most squishy and soft girth ever!!! Thanks again for your time yesterday,  See you soon x”

Yas and Tom did well at Euro Pony 2012 but started the early season of 2013 in even better form, the two saddles not getting in either of their way and supporting Yaz enabling them to step up their training and Tom looked a different pony.

After many successes in competitions leading up to the championship Yas became the British Champion at Brands Hall and also won the British Team selection event at Barbury.

At the  Federation Equestre Internationale 2013 Pony Europeans in Arezzo  Yas and Tom became European Eventing Champions her clear round at showjumping helping the Team GBR come in with gold.

Double Gold !! What a fantastic achievement and how Proud of her are we !!

Yasmin has been riding in our saddles since February 2012 and now has 4 new saddles fitted to her new horses, Ernie and Bugs. When on the Isle of Man we are privileged to be able to use the excellent facilities  at Kennaa Equestrian Centre, managed by her mum Lesley and where Yasmin is based,we also hold our Saddle Awareness Cinics and Clinics   she also helps us with trialing new products and we are at present working on a new studgirth.

Yas says of her saddles.

“Comfort Saddles have been one of the key elements to my success for the past two years and I am extremely grateful to have them as a very important member of my team”


“Since having a comfort saddle from the Saddle Exchange the difference in my position and the horses way of going has been incredible, I wouldn’t use any other saddle “

We are very pleased she has chosen to ride in our saddles and wish her the best as she starts under 18s.

Here’s some videos of Yas and her Pony Craig Mor Tom… for more videos please see our youtube channel ... Saddle Exchange TV and for more information on Yas please see her website .

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